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There were coding tips and lots of Linux, but you also wanted advice on doing things faster and an idea of what's really on iTunes. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Do Almost Anything Faster
    Are you busy? Would some extra time each day help you? If so, then watch the following — massive! — compilation of tips/tricks for getting things done faster, from tying shoelaces, to wrapping tangle-free cords, to peeling potatoes and so much more
  2. How To Foil A Nationwide Internet Shutdown
    The Egyptian government cut internet connections across their country to silence protests, leaving nearly all of its citizens without online access. But they weren’t entirely successful. When governments shut down broadband and mobile connections, here’s what to do.
  3. Some Useful Basics For Newcomers To Ubuntu
    Getting Ubuntu running on your PC is pretty straightforward, and most of its features are fairly obvious if you’ve been used to a graphical user interface like Windows or Mac OS X. Here’s a handful of tips to help you make the transition and find some useful features if you’ve started playing with Ubuntu.
  4. How Record Labels Are Ignoring Australian Music History On iTunes
    To mark Australia Day, Lifehacker’s Streaming column has looked at the 25 best-selling albums and singles for every year since 1970 and checked whether they are currently on sale in the Australian iTunes store. The results are slightly disturbing, especially when it comes to the availability of Australian hits.
  5. Why The Limitations Of SSDs Are Actually Good
    You’ve been holding off on buying an SSD for awhile now, telling yourself they’re too expensive and too limiting. Well, you’re wrong. Here’s why.
  6. Learn How To Code Part I: Variables And Basic Data Types
    Want to learn how to code but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be teaching you the basics all week, and here’s your first lesson.
  7. Hack Book Depository To Get Even Cheaper Prices
    Book Depository is a perennial Lifehacker favourite, in part because of its “no shipping fees” policy. The site actually handles that by slightly adjusting the prices depending on your browser-detected location rather than your entered address, which means with a little browser hacking you can convince Book Depository that you’re based in the UK and get an even better deal.
  8. How To Run A Marathon Without Any Training
    If you’re not a runner, training for a marathon might seem like an extremely daunting task. With a few creative tricks, however, you might be able to make it to the finish line without any training at all.
  9. Use Müller’s Exercise System For A 15-Minute, No-Equipment Workout
    There are lots of “weird old tips” for getting healthy around the web. Slate writer Sarah Wildman has the privilege of having a father in his 60s, who has done the exercises almost every morning and looks the part today.
  10. What’s The Difference Between Hacking The Book Depository And Channel BT?
    A post this morning describing how you can tweak the Book Depository to get cheaper prices resulted in several commenters suggesting it was unethical to even discuss how to do that, let alone actually doing that. I don’t see the same kinds of reactions when Lifehacker discusses using BitTorrent to download TV shows or setting up proxies to view Hulu content — but if you’re being logical and rational, there’s actually no real difference between the two topics.


    I see lots of Linux means one post.

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