How To Do Almost Anything Faster

Are you busy? Would some extra time each day help you? If so, then watch the following — massive! — compilation of tips/tricks for getting things done faster, from tying shoelaces, to wrapping tangle-free cords, to peeling potatoes and so much more!

[The Daily What]

Republished from Gawker.TV


    Some pretty cool tricks here, will have to write some of these down, the potatoe and the eggs are my favourite.

    There's a couple of good laughs in there - my fave is the t-shirt removal...that dude is ready to party

    I've been using the shirt folding technique for a while and it's spot on when I'm packing for my business trips. Worth learning. Can even work on long sleeve shirts. Just requires folding the longer sleeves before the final step.

    "Excuse me sir can you explain how you mounted your car on the curb and took out 3 pedestrians"

    "well i saw this video on lifehacker"

    The potato one doesn't highlight the fact you have to make a small incision in the skin around the diameter of the potato, its what allows for the contraction when induced cooling is applied.

    Just tried the shoe tieing trick, and it's good! The trick is to make small loops with plenty of 'tail'

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