Has New Twitter Ruined Your Browsing Experience?

Changes to the web interface on a popular service are always going to be controversial, and ever since Twitter rolled out "New Twitter" last year, there have been complaints that it makes accessing many common options more difficult, despite better keyboard shortcuts and other tweaks. But does it also actually make your overall browser experience more painful?

Blogger Mike Cane thinks so, noting that when he closes Twitter in his browser, performance on every other site improves:

This weekend, I discovered that if I didn’t have New Twitter open in a tab, all of the problems I’d been experiencing went away! Video became smooth again. Web pages loaded like five times faster too! I’ve established that for people with weaker PCs (mine is a 1.8GHz Celeron), having New Twitter open in a tab is just poisonous. It will slow everything down in a browser.

I've had similar experiences myself, especially when working on slower 3G connections. But how widespread is the issue? Sounds like time for a poll:

How has Twitter's "new" interface impacted your browser?Market Research

Feel free to expand on your new Twitter grievances in the comments.


    I use Tweetdeck. No need for a big, bulky and slow web interface.

    The mobile Twitter website is much better. I usually just use that on my phone at the moment. It has had a decent upgrade

    Never used it, never had a use for it, never will!!
    I do have Facebook but I've use a trash email address and I only use it now and then to keep up with my son who's in the Navy!!

    Do we know what browser he is using?

    I've used Echofon Firefox Extension for Windows since I started using Twitter & Echofon for OSX on my Mac. Both are light and do what I want.

    it used to be really easy to copy a direct tweet url and send via email or share elsewhere, its now becoming impossible.

    they're reverting to jQuery 1.4.2 due to serious regressions in Sizzler in 1.4.4

    "New" Twitter is probably the most unresponsive web site I've had the misfortune to (nearly) use...Any site that needs to load a 1MB JavaScript API file just to do anything needs some serious optimisation :)

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