Google Tweaks Mobile Weather Search

Google Tweaks Mobile Weather Search

Searching Google for weather information is easy — just search for ‘weather city’ to find predictions for a specific place. For mobile devices, Google has tweaked its results to produce easier-to-browse forecasts.

On iOS and Android devices, searching for weather now produces a neat summary, with predictions for the next few days underneath the current temperature, and a slider that lets you see predictions for different times of day. Very handy for working out if the washing will be safe for a few more hours.

(In the same announcement, Google also claims that Google Instant has been tweaked so that typing just the letter w automatically brings up local weather, but I couldn’t get this to work. If that does function for you, let us know in the comments — it may well be another “US now, ROW later” scenario.)

[via Official Google Blog]


  • Ditto to Shane. Good feature if it was accurate – was out by at least 5 degrees yesterday compared to BOM putting it in the same useless basket as the default iPhone weather app. I’ll stick to checking the weather on the top left of The Age website or via Pocket Weather on the iPhone (free version is good but a few bucks for the paid version is worth it).

  • Im sorry but all weather apps are a joke, BOM and the news, and all, i look outside, checkmy thermometer, and its totally different, to online, ads, the news on the radio, so i just check for myself, how many times have you gone to sleep and the news say, early morning showers, and it doesn’t rain till lunch time, or not at all??

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