Google Goggles Can Now Solve Sudoku Puzzles Automatically

Google Goggles has always impressed us with its ability to identify images and translate text. The new version 1.3 has an extra trick up its sleeve: take a picture of a Sudoku puzzle and it will solve it for you.

It's not exactly productivity-enhancing, but it is an impressive trick. You can see a quick demonstration in the rough-and-ready video above, or check out Google's more professional (but slightly cheesy) video demo below:

Sudoku-solving aside, the app also claims to be faster and will automatically scan barcodes without requiring you to actually take a photo. Goggles 1.3 is a free download for Android devices. The Sudoku-solving feature has also been added to the Goggles feature for iPhone.

[via Official Google Blog]


    What I don't understand is way Google goggles doesn't work with the iPod 4th gen? As long as you have wireless access its essentially an iPhone: Camera, mic, retina, internet, etc. There's no reason why it shouldn't work.

    sudoku is much more than a mere number puzzle..
    read here..

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