Google Dumps Real Estate Listings On Maps

Google Dumps Real Estate Listings On Maps

From February 10, Google will dump its real estate listings search on Google Maps, a decision it attributes to low usage and planned changes to its coding system. It sounds like not too many people will miss it (and rival real estate sites are doubtless cheering), but it’s a reminder that even a company as apparently dominant as Google can’t succeed in every market it tries. [Google Australia Blog]


  • That is a pity, I found their system much better then the ones offered by the big real estate listing companies. I’m not sure why, but the listings google had seemed more accurate, eg, apartments were actually listed as apartments, houses as houses, and they had the correct locations of places on the map.

  • i was hoping that google would use the database of photos inside all the houses currently and previously for sale to extend google maps one step further from streetview into houseview.

  • This is terrible!
    It is a completely amazing setup that works exactly the way that it should.
    I dont think people use it simply because people dont know about it, its not like google really pushed the feature.
    I have used the feature to find where I am now, I have used it for friends, and I use it constantly for my own enjoyment.
    I hope they bring this feature back one day soon, perhaps with improvements.

  • It is a shame to see Google pull the plug on this. I always wondered why it took them so long to introduce it, but I am surprised to see them pull the plug on it so quick.

    I was after something like this back in 2006, so thats when I created Suburb View for Australia :

    The site now has over 1 Million active links to property, and is searching over 300 Agent Web sites, For Sale By Owner, and several Portals. The Google Base feed was used to populate some missing data like some pictures and text descriptions.


  • I’m usually the first person to tell people about Google tools, so I can’t believe I didn’t know about this!

    I’ve just completed three months of hell looking for rental places near Sydney CBD. I could have saved so much time with this.

  • That really is a shame – it was invaluable for finding my last rental. I guess it was a little limited in that it lacked the listings from the two major sites, Domain and RealEstate, but I guess that was part of what killed it in the end.

    Hopefully the news of its dumping prompts some people to use it in the next couple of weeks to prove its usefulness!

  • I hope Google are reading this.

    I’ve shown this to property investor friends of mine who didn’t know about it.
    It’s much better than Domain and Realestate for showing the whole of the property market.

    I hope that when they drop it they keep the code there and allow lifehackers to show the layer with a querystring parameter.

  • I found this really useful for finding properties, as it searched multiple vendors. I found that some listings appeared sold already or outdated. Otherwise, it was a very good piece of software!

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