Force Outlook To Prompt You Before It Closes

Outlook is a pretty slow program to launch, so if you accidentally click on the close control, it's a teeth-gnashing moment. Use some email trickery to force Outlook to check before you quit.

Windows IT Pro details a fiddly but functional trick for making Outlook prompt you when it tries to close. Create a message to yourself, hit the Options tab and click on the Delay Delivery button, then set a date long into the future. As long as that message remains in your Outbox, Outlook should prompt you whenever it closes that there are unsent messages in the Inbox, giving you an option to avoid closing. Hit the link for the full details.

Displaying A Prompt Before Outlook Closes [Windows IT Pro]


    I've sped up Office Outlook to launch almost intantly, much faster than Live Mail 2011 or even plain IE Outlook.

    Outlook doesn't shut down completely anyway when you hit the 'red x'. It is still running as a process in the background. File/Exit will stop it completely. This is when you should receive the prompt, otherwise it will still send after hitting the x.

    Actually, Outlook will only hold open after pressing the X if you have a bad addon that is holding it open. If you have a clean install of Outlook with no addons, the X will close it completely.

    This seems not to work in Outlook 07. Any ideas?

    I was racking my brain over this one for a while. I have no problem doing this trick on my Outlook 2003 machine, been doing in for years and it works fine evertime but could not get it to work on my 2007 machine.

    I think I finally figured out why it wasn't working, well actually I haven't figured out why it's not working but I figured out how to make it work and that's all that matters.

    Follow the instructions above, open Outlook, open a new e-mail, address it to yourself, set the date in th future, send the e-mail. Do not look in or open up your outbox to see if the e-mail is there. It sounds wierd I know but if I look in my outbox at the e-mail, it closes with prompting. If I dont look in my outbox for the e-mail, just look to see that the outbox has a (1) next to it and you will be fine.

    I can't explain it but it works. If you do open your outbox, simply delete the e-mail to yourself and create another one.

    Very Clever.

    I have shared it with colleagues at work and it is a viable solution.. I actually set mine to 2020..


    Open 2 sessions of outlook - in case you blow one away, you don't loose all the draft or open emails you had sitting in the background by mistake. The people who replied "just don't hit the X" are not helping. #$#t Happens! Stinks when it does, and this is what I've come up with as a band aid. Hope this is helpful to the "quick click keyboard bangers" out there.

    works for me with Outlook 2010.

    Many thanks Angus

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