Fast Food Calories Is A Nutrition Guide, Tracker For Restaurants

Fast Food Calories Is A Nutrition Guide, Tracker For Restaurants

iOS: Fast Food Calories provides you with nutritional information about the food you’re ordering at the drive-thru and helps you track what you’ve eaten so you can curb any excess in your fast food intake.


While I’m not a fan of calorie counting (because it’s too simple of a measurement to determine whether or not you’re eating well), I do think it’s important to know what’s going into your body. Fast Food Calories is a pocket guide and tracker to help you stay on top of how much crap you’re eating. To the right, you can see the nutrition facts it provides for a large fries from McDonald’s. If you eat the whole thing, that’s more or less 25 per cent of your daily calories and nearly all of your sodium. As we’ve also seen, fast food calorie counts are often much higher than what’s written, so you can consider these nutrition facts a low estimate. While it’s probably better to cut out fast food entirely, when you have to grab a double-decker taco or quarter-pounder with cheese, it’s good to know the impact so you can plan your other meals around it. Fast Food Calories helps you do that and it’s a free download from the iTunes App Store.

Fast Food Calories | iTunes App Store via App of the Day

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