eStore Running "GST-Free" Sale Weekend

As debate continues over the alleged impact of GST on online sales in Australia, eStore is offering a so-called "GST-free weekend" on January 15 and 16 to anyone using the code GSTFREE. Of course, it's a 10% discount rather than an actual GST exclusion, but it serves to remind us that price competition is a possibility regardless of location. [eStore]


    Just needed to point out that the link to estore is missing the '.' in '.au'

    Link's wrong, should be:

    It should really be a 9.0909...% sale if it's a GST-free sale.

      Agreed, they should be discounting by 11% in order for it to be equiv to no GST.

        I think you mean one-eleventh, not 11%. One-eleventh is 9.0909%.
        And go estore! This is the perfect reaction to the greedy, anti-competitive Harvey and co.

        Huh?! Nah mbryant has it right. They should take off 9.09...% or in other words, discounted price is 90.909...% of original price. So if the price is $110 then the code would take it down to 110 x .909... = $100.

    Hi Guys,

    Just confirming that the discount coupon is for 9.0909%, which would be the GST equivalent.

    Have a great weekend guys!

    The Team

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