DIY LED Cube Is A Geektastic And Addressable Light Source

If you're looking for an electronics project to geek out on over the next couple weekends this comprehensive guide to building an LED cube is geeky and functional.

Instructables user CHR and his friend set out to make the most detailed guide to building LED cubes around. The multi-step tutorial covers everything from getting parts to building the cube to writing simple software to address the cube.

When you're done you'll have an 8x8x8 addressable LED cube that you can use for everything from simple light shows to computer-based notifications of the most LED-driven and geeky sort. Check out the tutorial at the link below for their highly detailed walk through.

LED Cube 8x8x8 [Instructables]


    These cubes are fantastic to look at and quiet the novelty, but are a totaly pita to me and constuct,

    you can buy made ones that come in their own containers and have all the features, but they are usually costly

    Wonder how much additional work would be involved in creating this with tri-color LEDS ?

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