Discovr Finds New Music For You And Shows It Off In A Graph

iPad: Think it's time to broaden your taste in music? Australian-developed app Discovr lets you enter the name of a band or artist you already like, and then shows other artists you might enjoy, linked together by a physics-influenced graph.

I'm not equipped with an iPad so I haven't tested Discovr first-hand, but Nick at our sibling site Gizmodo is pretty keen on it:

Watching the tree of connected artists branch out and recalibrate as you select more and more musicians is both impressive and an effective way of discovering new music. It’s worth every cent of its $4 asking price.

Discovr is a $3.99 download for iPad. If you take the plunge and download it, tell us how you find it in action in the comments.

Discovr [iTunes App Store]


    huge! I've been looking for something like this to find new music. it's really fun to use - I've been finding all kinds of new bands that I didn't know about. . great to see aussies are making such awesome apps.


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