Create A Mini Tiffin Box From Tuna Cans

Tiffin boxes are some of the most clever lunch boxes around. This hack turns tuna cans (or other small metal cans) into a mini Tiffin set, complete with latches.

We highlighted Tiffin boxes in our guide to making packed lunches more appealing. They're an ingenious type of nested containers that hail from India, where they are used most often as lunch boxes.

Instructables user Calischs loved the form and utility of the Tiffin boxes and set out to make his own using nothing more than stuff from around his workshop. His technique is a blueprint of tinkering genius as he uses all sorts of things to complete the project—including a very clever homemade tool crafted from two old-fashioned door hinge pins designed to roll and shape the nesting bottom of each can.

Check out the full tutorial at the link below to see how he goes from a stack of tuna cans to a polished miniature Tiffin box.

Tiffin Box from Tuna Cans [Instructables via Make]


    wow... a lot of work for something you can buy for $20 online. And I'm not sure how long those tuna tins could be used for until they start rusting.

    But impressed by how he makes them.

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