Build A Pirate Box For Mobile And Secure File Sharing

Build A Pirate Box For Mobile And Secure File Sharing

PirateBox is a self-contained file sharing device that blankets the area around it with an anonymous and secure file sharing network. Build one and set up a free and anonymous wireless network wherever you go.

Inspired by the history of Pirate radio and a desire for freedom of information, David Darts created the PirateBox. The design and software are all Free Art Licensed which gives anyone the right to distribute and transform his design. PirateBox is a small container (in this iteration, a sweet pirate lunch box) packed with the guts of a wireless router, a lightweight Linux server, and a battery.

To use PirateBox all you do is set it down, flip the power switch, and after a few second boot process, you’ve transformed the space into a wireless and anonymous file sharing network. Check out the video below to see what it looks like to log into the PirateBox:

For more pictures, information, and all the software you’ll need to get started in building your own PirateBox, hit up the link below.

PirateBox [via O’Reilly Radar]


  • Can’t this already be done with an Android phone?

    Build time = 0,
    App to Share your SD card over WiFi
    App to Share your 3G connection over WiFi

    All you have to worry about is the battery life.

    • Battery life? That’s what the suitcase is for. Put a gel-cell and regulator in there, and it will last a long time.

      Perhaps a piratebox app? Does the filesharing, and the webpage re-direct.

      A $150 Huawei ideos will do the job quite nicely I imagine.

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