Book A Mid-Range Room To Score A Hotel Upgrade

Getting your hotel room upgraded is always a nice bonus when you’re travelling for work or pleasure. To maximise the chances of that happening, spend a little more in the first place by not always going for the cheapest room on offer.

A collection of upgrading tips from hotel chain KiwiCollection notes that booking even the second-cheapest room can increase your odds:

It’s not impossible to get upgraded when booking the cheapest room category available, but it doesn’t help your odds. Book a room that is in the mid range for better chances.

My own experience backs that up: one hotel I use very regularly never gives me an upgrade when I’ve booked the super-economy option, but almost always does if I’ve gone for the level above. Granted, I’m a cheapskate and normally only do that when all the cheap rooms are unavailable, but at least it makes me feel that extra money has been worth a bit more.

What are your best room upgrade tips? Share them in the comments.


  • It makes sense too. Those buying the cheapest rooms are those looking at spending the least amount possible.

    The free upgrade is a marketing exercise. Some of the people that get given the free upgrade will take that more expensive room next time they book.

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