Australian Public Holidays For 2011

Many of us have headed back into the office today, and are already counting the days until we get to the Australia Day mid-week break. For forward planning purposes, here's the main public holidays across Australia for the rest of 2011 — worth knowing if you've got any interstate trips coming up, or just need to know when you can schedule your next painting day.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we've grabbed Google's handy Australian public holidays calendar and embedded it. You can copy specific holidays into your own Google calendar by clicking on the entry in the calendar.


    Doesn't appear to be showing Easter, Queens Birthday or anything else past Feb.

      Easter's definitely in there when I check.

      it appears as though my google calendar already has these holidays marked....?

      It's a bug with embedded google calendars - click on Agenda view, wait for the list to update, and then go back to month view.

    They are in their for me

      edit: that should be there.. not their

    To add Australia's holidays to your own Google calendar go to Other Calendar > Add > Add by URL.

    Then put in:

    Click the "+ Google Calendar" in the bottom right corner to include the whole calendar as an external calendar. This way all updates get shown without having to do anything else.

    PS the app above doesn't show anything except January for me, but the link I mentioned includes all holidays.

      I thought so too. Until I clicked the arrows just to the left of the month. This lets you flick through the months one by one.

    Looking forward to the five-day weekend at Easter :)

    don't forget tasmania does'nt get the anzac day public holiday this year.

    5 day weekend in April! WOO!

    Is it accurate yet? I had to remove it from last years calendar because there was so many mistakes in it (well for WA anyway)

    Here we are, 2013 and Google calendar Australian holidays are still incorrect.
    Despite complaints, Google still couldn't be bothered

    Would like to know why the Android version of google calendar has the holidays in, but not the desktop version?

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