Arrange Your Mac's Dock Like Your iPhone Homescreen For Better Organisation

Whether or not you're happy about the iOS-centric changes coming with the release of Mac OS X Lion, you can still benefit from organising your current OS X dock a little bit more like your homescreen. Here's how.

When most of my friends see my dock, the reaction I get is usualy "whoa, you have so much stuff in it!" For a while I felt like they just didn't understand how many applications I used on a regular basis. Recently, I discovered that there are only a few core applications I use all the time, a few I use often, and tons of others that are opened briefly every other day or even less. I realised I could benefit by taking the same principles I use in organising my iOS homescreen and applying them to the Mac OS X dock.

My iPhone's home screen consists of one page of commonly used apps and a second page containing a bunch of folders of apps I use less often. This has worked very well for me, so I applied the same idea to my dock: the left side has frequently used apps and the right side contains categorised stacks with the other apps inside.


(Click image to enlarge.)


(Click image to enlarge.)

While this takes one extra click to get to these apps, I find them much faster because I know exactly where to look. A dock filled with tons of apps can make it hard to locate a small, specific icon. This method makes it much easier for me to launch what I want to launch quickly.

Got any clever tricks for organisation your dock? Let's hear 'em in the comments.


    My dock is virtually only used for notifications, app-specific exposé and quick access to files via the stacks and grids. To actually launch apps, I find it much faster to use spotlight. (Cmd+space then the first few letters of the app's name.)

      Seconded, a quick " command + space" and the first few letters of the app (or anything else) locates anything I need and launches with a return.

    How do you create the stacks?

      Create a stack:

      Make a folder, drag it to the dock, ctrl-click (left click) on the folder and choose Display As: Stack.

    Thanks, I just deleted ALL the Apps I had on my desktop...
    Good post!
    Maybe, just keep it to your friends next time, a little explanation would be good.

    This article is totally incomplete, you should actually explain how to do it, and not just tell us how cool your computer looks after...

      You're the only person who had trouble with it (that felt the need to comment), and you go about it in such a vulgar manner that no one is willing to help you. Good work.

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