ABC News 24 Is Doing Very Nicely Online

ABC News 24 Is Doing Very Nicely Online

It might not be available unmetered and you generally can’t watch it overseas except when there’s a national crisis, but that hasn’t stopped the online iView stream of ABC News 24 from proving pretty popular since it rolled out last year.

According to an ABC press release that just hit my inbox, since August 1 2.5 million streams of ABC News 24 have been watched. Overall, the channel has been reaching 1.5 million Australians each week (though that figure rose to 3 million last week during the Queensland floods). That’s an impressive result, especially when you consider that the ABC had to get together the resources for the service without any major budget increases.


  • I rarely watch ABC news 24, but when I need coverage of politics live it’s the only place that offers it. For example, When wilson tuckey stepped down, I was live-texting it to some friends who couldn’t get to a computer in time…no other channel showed more than snippets of his speech, and no other source showed him live.

    It might not be constantly enthralling, but ABC news 24 is already the only source for a lot of useful and relevant information.

  • So much better than Skye News. N24 has a meld of experienced highly awarded old campaigners and fresh faced young newscasters, interviewers and anchor-people while Skye cranks along with tired old has beens, some of them hacks. If they wern’t the latter in their heyday, they are now. Just looking at Skye’s set of a sweat-shop makes one feel tired.

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