A 365 Day Photo Project Can Encompass Mundane Subjects

If you're trying to develop your photography skills in 2011, then a 365-day project — a daily photograph around a given theme or style — can be a good way to do it. Lifehacker reader Daniel advises that while it can help to have a focus, you don't need to be standing on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge to get a great photo.

We've offered up hints from Daniel before, but his latest selection of random hints includes this handy observation on:

There is always something to photograph – No matter how mundane things may seem you can make a good photo out of them, Food in the fridge, piles of books you have lying around, kids' toys and pretty much anything you can see can make for a photo opportunity.

Hit the post for more thoughts, and share your own 365-day hints in the comments.

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