YouTube's Biggest How-To Videos Of 2010

Lifehacker's idea of a good how-to usually involves changing software settings. Based on what the general Australian public is looking for in how-to videos, we're more concerned about how soft and flabby our bodies are.

As a companion to Google's Zeitgeist figures on the most popular sites, YouTube releases its own zeitgeist list of the most popular videos in a range of categories. The YouTube team kindly supplied us with a list of the most popular how-to videos in Australia, and here they are. There's more Lady Gaga than we'd normally include, but also some neat DIY and fitness coverage.

  1. Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look
  2. Fitness - GaGa for Tight Buns Workout
  3. A Tiny Apartment Transforms into 24 rooms
  4. Make Your Own Pore Strips
  5. Avatar Inspired Look
  6. Tired of Being the Skinny Guy?
  7. Fitness - Sexy Beast Workout - High Intensity Interval Training
  8. Clubbing Makeup Tutorial
  9. Tim Burton Look
  10. Fitness - Sexy Body On Fire Workout


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