XBMC 10 Dharma Makes Installing Add-Ons, Skins Much Easier

Windows/Mac/Linux: XBMC, the powerful, trimmed-down media centre that's easy to love, is out with a 10.0 "Dharma" release. New in this version are add-ons and skins you can add and change from your remote control, along with hardware acceleration and more.

The 10.0 changelog shows all the little tweaks made here and there across XBMC, but the biggies are hardware acceleration for certain video cards in Windows Vista and 7, support for the increasingly popular WebM web video codec, and VDPAU support for Linux. What existing users will really dig, though, is the instant access to all the add-ons that make YouTube videos, browsers, media naming and sorting tools, and even classic video games available on XBMC can now be added and updated through a common interface.

XBMC 10.0 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux systems, and it's available as a live CD/USB image for trying out.

XBMC 10.0 [via Download Squad]


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