What's A Fair Royalty Rate For An Ebook?

If one of your new year's resolutions is to write a book, you'll eventually have to grapple with the question of publishing it. The Australian Society Of Authors offers a useful guide to how to make sure you get a fair deal on electronic publishing royalties, which are proving increasingly important.

The ASA guide looks at the different royalty structures which apply to publishing through Apple and Amazon, as well as providing recommendations on policies authors should follow and legal issues to watch out for. The ASA is working on a revised version of the guide, due in January, and hopefully will offer further updates once Google becomes more prominent in the local market.

I'm working quite actively on getting the novel I wrote this year published, and electronic publishing is obviously a consideration. Got your own experience in this area to share? Tell us in the comments.

Australian Society Of Authors [PDF via ebookish]


    Well done on the book! As you may know I run Australia's biggest digital publishing info site at www.Bookbee.net and published a dead-tree book alled Baby Steps in Oz through Allen & Unwin in 2005.
    In my experience, I got paid a measly $6k advance, which was never earned out, but the sales figures can be rubbery (ie you don't get to see them). Reading Joe Konrath's blog, it looks like these days you are very likely to do much better publishing on the Kindle platform. Also, you can always sell it yourself digitally. I'm trying that at www.Authordirect.net
    Self-pub, man!

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