What Technology Do You Take To Bed?

Technology used to be a tool for work and the bed a place to sleep, but with the proliferation of laptops, smartphones, tablets and more, those barriers are breaking down. What technology do you bring into the bedroom? There was once a point in my life where half of my bed was lined with various kinds of technology that I'd used in the last month, simply because my laptop followed me everywhere. Fortunately times have since changed, but my bedroom wouldn't be the same without my smartphone/alarm clock and XBMC nettop. It's probably best to just use the bedroom for its standard purposes, but like many things, technology is changing the ways we live our lives. What technology commonly finds its way into your bedroom, and are you glad it did or wish you could curb your addiction?


    laptop and iphone - prob pretty standard.

    Well I have my desk in my room with my computer, phone, and xbox (I know this is not a good thing but i have no where else to put it). My smart phone is normally next to my bed for use as an alarm clock in the morning or so i can be aware of what time it is when i wake up in the morning when i do not have to get up early.

    iPhone in clock radio dock
    MacBook Air

    If I took anything more than my iphone (my alarm clock), the flesh and blood piece of hardware I share my bed with would almost certainly divorce me.

    Phone and netbook. :) Netbook prevents me from getting onto any distractions (flash games, I'm looking at you) and games, and help me wind down and get a good night's rest.

    Laptop + SGS

    Laptop with a set of cans for total absorption in a Doctor Who episode (as wind down). Nokia E71 for wake up, iPod and dock to play "sleep" playlist, Sony eReader for 'traditional' entertainment.

    iPhone. Occasionally my laptop when I feel like computing but also feel like being in a comfy bed.

    When I'm not on call, I use a mobile phone for an alarm clock. Maybe a small laptop as well. That's the only electronics I have in my bedroom.

    If I'm on call, two mobile phones, one laptop. Maybe a second laptop. And I frequently wake up tangled in USB cables. :-(

    iPhone 4 + Air Video app

    Still just my iPhone and this:


    Nokia n800 for reading the news and checking email when I wake up.


    old personal phone as alarm clock, and if I have a day off I'll take my work phone in too - That way when I wake up around the time work starts, I can just check that there aren't any panicky emails/phonecalls and go back to sleep.


    - Phone (SGS): Alarm, work email, games, web radio
    - iPod (punk rock playlist)
    - Laptop, for watching Fraiser and West Wing DVD's
    - Netbook - for feeds and remote terminal (putty)
    - Satellite TV (ABC News 24)
    - Pen and Paper (Old School)
    - My watch (analogue)

    My Desire on the bed-stand, laptop (as a bed-warmer generally), Sony reader touch, Sennheiser in-ear noise cancelling headphones.

    My girl friend.

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