What Sites Do You Rely On When You 'Ask The Internet'?

With more online "answer" sites than you could ever hope to visit, the internet's wealth of information can sometimes feel like a wealth of crap. When you need answers, what sites do you use? (Besides Lifehacker, of course.)

Comic by Toothpaste for Dinner

I'm personally fond of Aardvark, but maybe that's because I've successfully used it to fish for my own post. Of course, there must be many more effective ways to "ask the internet". Share your favourites in the comments.

Let's Ask the Internet!!! | Toothpaste for Dinner via empher.us


    Anything PC-related: www.stackoverflow.com is where I go :)

    Yes Lifehacker - esp if looking for software

    Products esp Electronic forums.whirlpool.com.au and productreviews.com.au

    Mostly though good old google

    Especially for Poison Ivy and such things

      +1 for the Whirlpool forums. That's always my first port of call for electronics/gadgets questions.

      Its whirlpool.net.au, not whirlpool.com.au... But yes, that is a very good site :)

    stackoverflow.com is for programming questions but they have sister sites like superuser.com, askubuntu.com and webapps.stackexchange.com for 'user end' issues, and a whole bunch more in beta
    area51.stackexchange.com, covering gaming, DIY, finance etc.

    The answers get voted up and down, which affects the answerer's ranking, so there's very little cruft.

    Ask metafilter. The $5 sign up fee and heavy moderation means the answers you get are almost always on topic and really smart.

    Stackoverflow is good for most PC question but serverfault.com is what I use for anything admin related. I use Aardvark for most real world issues because it is integrated with gmail/gtalk.
    Also, IRC channels are a good place for computer stuff.
    Last of all, I use 4chan for anything dubious...

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