What Helps You Organise A Perfect Christmas?

What Helps You Organise A Perfect Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’ve been offering lots of gift ideas. For the next fortnight, we’ll be focusing on the techniques and approaches you need to make a perfect Christmas and a stress free holiday break.

We’ve got plenty of ideas we plan to cover, but we need reader input too. What tactics do you use to make sure Christmas goes smoothly? What holiday headaches do you want help addressing? Tell us in the comments and we’ll make sure we cover it as December 25 approaches.


  • I track all my spending and gift lists in a Google Docs spreadsheet. I have been doing this for years and can go back and see what I gave previously, and what I spent. I also use Docs to publish a small wishlist for friends and family. My wish list is mostly for things I don’t want – such as DVD’s and junky throwaway gifts.

    I add items I buy to get to a shopping list on Remember the Milk.

    Instead of Christmas cards I make a video slideshow from this years photos.

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