What Do You Do When Your Computer's Gone For Repairs?

Inevitably the day will come when your computer must go in for repairs and you're without the machine that feels like it might as well be an appendage. What do you do to keep working without your main machine?

Photo by the unfortunate Remy Sharp

Some of us have the good fortune of having multiple machines so we have another machine we can make use of when our primary laptop or desktop has a serious issue. Either way, when your primary computer is off for repairs there is a period where you have to figure out how to get your work done without your usual tools. We want to know how you handle this situation. When you're missing your most important work tool for a few days, how do you adjust and stay productive?


    99 times out of 100 I will fix/resolve it myself.

    If not, then part in question is likely out o warranty anyway, so I'm stuffed.

    I've never taken a computer in for repairs. By the time my computer starts playing up, it will be obsolete anyway, and the only option (as far as I'm concerned) is to get whatever the latest and greatest is.

    Assemble your own desktop (or get someone like MSY to do it for you).
    Use the money you saved to buy a cheap netbook.
    Keep all your normal data in Dropbox and/or Evernote and/or Google Notes.
    Use Google Chrome and sync your browsers.
    Use a web based email account.
    Keep media files on an external drive.
    Then you can easily switch between the two computers with minimal disruption.

    Having worked for a repairer, I wouldn't ever take my computer in for repairs. :)

    "keep working" ??? depends what your "work" is.

    If for example your computer has a built in 3G modem and you send it off and have no other computer or internet access, If your work is a blog or something that requires you to be online.... Fat chance of that happening.

    Buy another computer!

    I cant really imagine not having another computer handy that'd do in a pinch. When I killed my cpu fan in 2005 on a public holiday, I just swapped the harddrives into my fileserver and kept on as usual.

    In '06, a hilarious chain of events left me with nothing but a 15" crt, a box of parts, a strange selection of software CDs, and dialup. I survived for a week on a 200mhz box with 32mb ram, dual booting win2k and damn small linux. It worked brilliantly for things like simple web browsing and irc, and less brilliantly for streaming video.

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