We Plan To Work Too Hard Over Christmas

We Plan To Work Too Hard Over Christmas

It might be the weekend, but our 12 days of perfect Christmas planning continues. And that highlights one of the most insidious risks to the Christmas break: the intrusion of work into our annual holidays.

An online survey by cloud telephony provider Fonality suggests that we're not all going to get a break. Of the 1,000 people surveyed, 40% said that they would end up doing some work between Christmas and New Year, even if they were officially on "annual leave". Unsurprisingly, checking email was the most common work task, with 31% saying they would do say, and most of those saying they would do so several times a day. Rather oddly, just 15% plan to check email on their mobile phones.

You might not want to go to the extremes of the US academic we recently highlighted who ignored all email sent while she was on a break, but annual leave should be annual leave. Sure, if a quick 15 minutes each day means you won't face a horrendous stack of email when you get back, it might be worth it. But stick to that 15 minute limit -- don't let yourself get distracted by doing "just one more thing" and suddenly find yourself emerging from replies two hours later.

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  • Its kinda hard not to work over Christmas with they way Industrial Relations do things.

    They allow trading every single day except for Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and before 1pm Anzac Day.

    The government keep saying that Australians work too hard, do too much overtime and allot of unpaid overtime, and we don’t take enough holidays.

    And yet they allow big companies like Woolworths to trade all the time. When does anyone get a chance to have some time off?

    I think the government should step in a force holidays and such for most business’s. I can understand that certain business have to trade like petrol stations or like myself an IT Support guy needing to be on call. But hey if the shops aren’t open over Christmas then I don’t get support calls (for the most part).

    I think ban late or standard trading hours on Sundays (force it to be 10-4 or something). Early close on Christmas Eve (so people can at least get their fresh foods), no trading at all on Christmas and Boxing Day and maybe throw in an extra day with that for recovery.

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