Vote For The Best Mobile Broadband In The Lifehacker Awards 2010

All week, you've been voting for your favourite apps and services in the Lifehacker Awards. Now it's time for the final category: the best mobile broadband service of 2010.

Cast your vote using the poll form below. Voting is open until Friday December 10 2010 (Eastern daylight savings time). You can still vote for the desktop apps, mobile apps, web apps and ISP categories.

For full details of what happens next, check our earlier post. Thanks for voting; come Monday, we'll start announcing the results?

Lifehacker Awards: What was the best mobile broadband service for 2010?online survey


    I have a telstra NextG usb modem, for speed and coverage, it poops all over optus that has been resold up the WAZOO!

    I wouldn't want to touch Telstra landline with a 10ft barge pole, but NextG is simply brilliant. Having previously used both Voda, Optus, and Internode, NextG whips them all for both speed and coverage where I use it.

    How do i take a point away from Vodafone!

    I've only ever used 3.
    A year ago I would've whined about how slow it was, how it would sometimes not connect altogether, dropping out, etc etc.
    But recently it seems to be doing ok.
    Wouldn't rate it as "the best" though.

    mcdonald's FTW!! It's free.

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