Vote For The Best ISP In The Lifehacker Awards 2010

We've already opened voting in the application categories. Now it's time to cast your vote for the best ISP of 2010.

Cast your vote using the poll form below. Voting is open until Thursday December 9 2010 (Eastern daylight savings time); you can already vote for the desktop apps, mobile apps and web apps categories, and there's one more to open tomorrow. For full details of what happens next, check our earlier post. And thanks for voting!

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    This is a tough one because I've been a loyal iiNet customer for a few years now. Which means the only company listed I have any experience with is iiNet. So I can't say they're the best, simply that the others have not shown anything to entice me switching to them.

      I'd argue that made them the best for your needs.

        Not necessarily, just that they meet my needs. The other ISPs might also meet my needs as well as iiNet, or even better, but because my needs are met there has been no incentive to find out if anyone else can do it better.

        I would definitely recommend iiNet to friends based on my experience with them, but I couldn't argue that they are better than another ISP on most points because I have no direct means of comparison.

        Funnily enough, I'm in the reverse situation when it comes to mobile phone service. I would not vote for 3 (my current provider) because their 3G coverage is appalling and their customer service is laughable but I could not vote for any other provider because I don't have any direct experience with them.

      @Trjn: I don't think you need to get too precious about this being the most scientific of polls, as it's unlikely that any individual is going to be able to give a truly objective opinion. Anyway, I'm in the same situation with Internode and voted for them so there is some balance. Now all we need is a similar vote for each of Amnet, Exetel and TPG and your conscience can be clear. Anyone?

        I may have been feeling particularly pedantic this morning when I wrote that.

        Yep, TPG for me :)

    Having dealt with Internode, iiNet, and TPG, and currently using Internode and iiNet; I vote for Internode.

    iiNet would come a pretty close second - in my experience the quality of their networks is pretty equal. iiNet also has better quota-free options (such as iTunes), but Internode's support just nudges iiNet out of the way.

    Voting for Internode.

    When I moved house recently, they were the only ISP who would set up Naked ADSL2 -without- a phone line already hooked up (and on contract).

    Also, the only ISP I could see that has month by month plans.

    Voted TPG.

    Moved from Optus to TPG in the past 6 months... the process was incredibly smooth and simple. One of the TPG reps even paid a personal visit to my home when I ordered a wireless modem off them.

    I live about 600m from the exchange, so my speeds are pretty awesome.

    TPG if nothing breaks (just cross your fingers that u dont need to deal with support)
    Internode for everything else (just give a bit more GiBiz for the money) - gets my vote

    Internode here. Fantastic service for the most part (but why don't my torrents work well anymore? *scratches head*)

    Exetel is clean and really good service. Now the prices even went down!
    Vote Exetel!

    I've gone Exetel. I've been with them for almost a year now and have had exactly 0 problems, ADSL2+ wise. I also use a lot of their add-on services (like a virtual mobile number, online SMS (including fan-made Android app to integrate into my phone), fax over ip, VOIP fax DID, mobile phones, mobile broadband... etc) and find them incredibly cheap, reliable and helpful if anything does go bad.

    And JL is an absolute crackup. His incredibly unconventional management style coupled with the very blunt and honest blog he writes makes for some great transparency in his business.

    I guess TPG is okay.. pretty good value but not that fast tho..


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