Vote For 2010's Best Of The Best In The Lifehacker 2010 Awards


    Really? That's the entire list! Seems Kinda Short :(

    I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that something Google related might just take the top prize.

    Why bother comparing across all the categories? I've not a clue how we're meant to ascertain which is 'better', so I don't think I'll bother voting.

      I agree with you Grim. Not only is it a weird comparison, but what value is it to anyone? If Dropbox wins is it therefore better than erh Internode? Is Google Chrome better than Telstra Mobile Broadband? It's a bit like the kind of comparison my kids might ask: "Daddy which do you like best: Our television or ABC kids?", "Mmm, well if I had to choose, I'd go with the TV remote!".

    -1 There's no comparison... Kind of like asking; what do you like better: A swim in the ocean, or your sister?

    It makes no sense!

    I'm confused...

    It is a bit of an apples & oranges comparison, but I still found it relatively easy to pick Chrome.

    Everything else on that list may be good things but it was Chrome's year - it went from new product showing promise to the best browser on the market.

    On the other hand Dropbox stagnated. It's still a great product, but they really need to get folders outside your Dropbox syncing. It's been their most requested feature since they started Votebox.

    Everything else was just as good as usual, 2010 wasn't really a standout year.

    How is it hard to pick?


    Why does it need to be of a relevant field?

    What do you like better a pizza or a dog.

    At the end of the day, you can make a choice and it would be the one that better suits you, your life, your social environment.

    Pretty simple I thought Grim ;)

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