UWall.tv Is A YouTube Front End Optimised For Music Videos

If you're looking for a fast way to queue up YouTube-hosted music videos without fussing around and sorting through all the garbage, UWall.tv offers one-click video playlist creation.

Let's say you want to create a playlist of Lady Gaga videos. If you go to YouTube and search for Lady Gaga you get thousands of videos. Some are her actual music videos, some are interviews, some are commentary about her; it's a veritable hodge podge. It's not a very efficient way to use YouTube as a video jukebox. UWall.tv fixes the situation by turning video playlist creation into a one-click affair.

Visit UWall.tv and either type in the name of an artist or song and click once to search (or skip the typing all together and just click the photo of a favourite artists from the massive wall of musician headshots). UWall.tv queues up a clean list of music videos and saves you from sorting through all the garbage. Visit the link below to take it for a test spin.

UWall.tv [via Tech Crunch]


    Man I'm loving this... Goodbye download limit. All I'd like is the ability to export the list of URL's so I could stick them in a downloader or something.

    Hey, ive seen this guy make the same thing a while ago. The website was http://projects.dadu.co/walltube/
    Check it out, seems good. Been using it for some time though, love the playlist feature. i just keep it running in the background. I havent seen any articles for this guys website though. Hope you like it :D

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