Using Your Mobile Phone At Sea

Using Your Mobile Phone At Sea

We know no mobile phone network has absolute coverage. But what if you want to use it while you’re out on the ocean?

Telstra’s Exchange Blog has kicked off a series of videos about mobile phone use on the ocean with a guide to making the best use of your antenna to maximise reception. Telstra claims its Next G network covers around one million square miles of ocean, but beyond the obvious decline in reception the further you head from the coast, it’s good to have a plan for making sure you can make contact if you need to.

And no, we can’t help ourselves during the holidays:

Staying connected while out to sea [Telstra Exchange]


  • actually a couple of lifehacker posts about mobile phone/3g data card aerials and tips would be handy. Apparently the Galaxy S has an aerial jack hidden under its battery but other than that.. all the ‘nice’ phone have to rely on crappy passive induction which doesn’t really work.

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