Use An Old Satellite Dish As A Wi-Fi Range Booster

We've shown you how to boost your Wi-Fi range, but if you have an old satellite dish lying around, you can do your Wi-Fi a favour by pointing the antenna at the dish for a nice range boost.

Reader hhbhagat1417 explains how he discovered thsi trick:

To get better router reach, you can point the antennae of a router to a detached satellite dish. Then just position the antennae in such a way the efficiently bounces the signal and increases the range. (I know this description may not be that specific, but I think you know what I'm talking about)

After I did this, I got much farther range. I can't measure at this moment how far it reached. The effectiveness depends on the size of the dish and the shape of the parabola.

I don't have any satellite dishes to try this out on (though you can bet I'll be scrounging one up the next time I'm at my parent's house), but a quick Google search reveals a lot of similar (but much more complicated) DIY hacks, so this might be a less-involved option. If you've got an old dish lying around, try it out and let us know how it works for you in the comments.


    Don't forget that the signal is polarised. Pointing the antenna at the dish would do diddly-squat. it should be parallel to the tangent of the parabola at the centre of the dish.

    Woks are cheaper and easier to come by...

    Try WiFry.

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