Upcycle Your Christmas Cards Into Postcards

You've more than likely got a slew of Christmas cards piling up. Rather than just chuck them in the recycle bin, upcycle them into postcards.

Photo by Liz West.

Organisation blog Unclutterer asked their readers what they did to recycle and purge seasonal left overs. Among the clever responses was a tip on turning them into postcards:

I recycle my Christmas cards. They arrive in the mail, I read them, I cut the writing off the back, I turn them into a Christmas post card with a friend's address, stamp and short message and repost immediately.

Obviously you might want to save the ones with "MERRY CHRISTMAS" emblazoned on the front for next Christmas, but many holiday-themed cards could be sent as thinking-of-you postcards even after Christmas has passed.

Have a post-holiday recycling tip of your own? Share your clever holiday card, wrapping paper, or other recycling tips with your fellow readers in the comments.

What to Do With Holiday Cards? Recycle! [Unclutterer]


    This isn't really a great idea for 'recycling'. The person who receives the card is probably just going to end up throwing it in the bin anyway.

    Christmas cards usually aren't made of the same type of card as postcards, so the 'postcard' you send will be much thinner, have a (probably) roughly cut edge, will probably have a seasonal theme (inappropriate), and it will make you look cheap and weird. I'm into sending postcards but I can't imagine why anyone would want to send a postcard made out of the front of a Christmas card. This just seems like sending postcards for the sake of it, I mean is anyone really going to be that happy to receive a card like this?

    Cut the picture up to make tags for next years gifts.

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