Turn Two IKEA Chest Of Drawers Into A Bed

One of the greatest challenges of small spaces is finding a place for storage. This clever IKEA hack combines chests of drawers to create a bed, giving you extra storage without taking up extra space.

All you need to make this chest of drawers bed is two MALM four-drawer chests of drawers and a saw. You saw both of the chests of drawers in half to create the best height for the bed, screw the two halves together, replace the top, and you've got yourself a cheap bed with tons of storage. Want to make one? Hit up IKEA Hacker for the full instructions.

Chester of Drawers to Bed [IKEA Hacker]


    I had a bed with drawers under it a few years ago, I assumed they were pretty common - but maybe it was an oddity.

    Since I upgraded my bed to a queen size, I've had to make do with plastic containers on wheels. it's not quite the same.

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