Turn A Projector Into An Interactive Whiteboard With A Wiimote

If you teach or have to make a lot of presentations, you can make your life a lot easier with an interactive whiteboard like a Smartboard. Instead of an expensive piece of technology, though, you can DIY it yourself with a Wiimote.

If you aren't familiar, a Smartboard is essentially a computer projected onto a touch screen. You can touch the screen to move forward a presentation, make annotations, highlight text, or do anything else. Obviously, they're pretty expensive.

DIYer Johnny Lee, however, realised that a Wii remote can track up to four different infrared signals at a time. So, if you were to mount a Wiimote near a projector, you could fake interacting with the screen using infrared pens. It's not the simplest project in the world—you'll need to do a bit of work to get it up and running, but it doesn't take too much specialised skill (like working with code or anything like that). All in all, it's definitely worth the time if you do a lot of presentations in the office. Check out the video to see a demonstration, and hit the link for instructions on how to set it up.

Johnny Chung Lee - Projects - Wii [via MakeUseOf]


    Great article, but this was released over 2 years ago! Bit slot on the turn-around there..?

    Noooo, not the infrared pens! I am colourblind and those infrared pens are impossible to see! In fact some 7-10 % of the population has some form of colourblindness so anyone doing a presentation to a large audience, think carefully before you start going crazy with all the fancy colours, red on black and blue/purple because there's a good chance that a number of people in your audience won't be able to see any of it!

      What drugs are your on? "I am colourblind and those infrared pens are impossible to see!"

      infrared is a spectrum of light that is not visible to any human. Most remote controls (TV, HiFi, DVD, etc) use infrared light to communicate for this reason. Wii Remotes have infrared sensors and hence can follow a infrared pen (or to make it clearer) infrared "laser pointer". (may not be a laser but might describe what it is better)

      BTW, Thanks for Not watching the Video or reading further and commenting!

    Have a look at http://www.smoothboard.net/. Its the same project, but progressed.

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