Helps Find House And Pet Sitters

Kennel fees for your pets can be expensive, and locating house sitters can be difficult. offers to match up potential sitters with holidaying home owners, helping you find someone to look after your use in return for staying in your home.

The profiles on are highly detailed, offering references and detailed information on previous assignments. One big potential advantage of a house sitter over a paid pet-sitting service is that they'll stay on site — many pet sitters will only walk and feed your pet, but won't be around to check on problems the other 23 hours of the day. That doesn't obviate the need to check into anyone who will be staying in your house carefully, but it does help kick-start the process.

The site normally charges fees to register homeowners and potential sitters, but is offering free registration for pet owners seeking a sitter if you use the code TAUS. Got your own favoured strategy for finding a house sitter? Share it in the comments.


    Nice, I will have to use the babysitting services to get some company when I'm lonely this weekend.

    Have used both to find a house sitter when i go away on business and holidays but also have done a house sit myself in London and Europe - both beautiful homes. The home even Europe had a beautiful swimming pool and tennis courts - certainly would have cost me a fortune had i rented such a place. Also gave me the opportunity to look after their pet dogs, which i love! Subscription is minimal in return for the opportunities on here...

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