The Funky Police Call Centre

Call centres can often be pretty drab places to work, but it doesn't have to be that way. The call centre used by Queensland's Policelink service combines green principles and colourful, functional design to create a vibrant, effective work environment.

Occupying half of the purpose-built Dandiiri Contact Centre, the centre employs a total of 370 workers on a 24-by-7 schedule. A water-based chiller beam system provides effective cooling throughout the building with minimal energy usage and without recirculating the same air endlessly, and there are even cooling slots built into the desks to ensure PCs don't overheat. (The building has a six-star Green Star rating.)

Areas can also be converted easily; the training room pictured below has sliding desks which can be pushed against the wall to create a command centre if there's an emergency which needs a specific team assigned.

See the pictures below to check out the centre in more detail.

Pictures by Angus Kidman, Martin Aungle and Queensland Police. Angus Kidman visited Dandiiri as a guest of Dimension Data.


    This is nothing. I recently toured the new Queensland Emergency Operations Centre

    Now that is impressive. The Queenslanders know how to design for high stress environments.

    "Hello, is that the funky police? I need to report a crime against gettin' it owwwn!"

    1 meg Image on the main page took forever to load.

    I actually finished my last day at work IN that building just yesterday. (The other half though.)

    The six star Green Standard is a weird sort of thing for the building, because a lot of it is dependent on the people who use it.

    One of the biggest challenges of working in that, and I would imagine any other six start building, is educating the people using it about how to use the building and it's facilities to meet the standards. For example, encouraging people to turn off their computers at night, recycle the empty plastic containers, turn off lights behind them and the list goes on and on.

    If the building was audited today, I doubt it would still meet the standards (there are no tea towels for instance, only paper towels). I do - genuinely - hope that the PEOPLE can get it there... they've quite a journey ahead of them.

    Hip... cool... in touch with the 'now' generation...


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