T-Touch Tab On Sale Via Contract Today

Just a quick reminder that the Telstra T-Touch Tab goes on sale as a 24-month contract device today. If you fancy this at all, the $299 outright price at all is probably a better bet, but it's always nice to have Android options. [Telstra]


    For the same contract price as the Galaxy Tab!
    I'll take the Galaxy Tab please...

    Who in their right mind would choose a T-Touch over a Galaxy?
    There is no comparison unless a 10" screen is too big. the Galaxy wins, no, smashes the T-Touch on EVERY level!

      There is a higher monthly handset charge for the Tab.

    Wow, Telstra's page is really misleading. From that page, I thought both the T-Touch Tab and Galaxy S were $29/month. There's nothing on that page that indicates otherwise. You need to click on the "More details & plans" link to find out that you need to pay $16/month or $35/month on top of that $29. Pretty steep if you ask me.

      Er, the minimal total cost listed on the linked page is different. Agree it's not made very clear though!

        Yeah I did notice that and thought it was a bit strange to have a different total cost for the same monthly cost. That was the entire reason I clicked on the details because I was obviously missing something.

    man, if it was capacitive touch, i'd probably own one already.

    I screwed around with one at work, in fact it's in front of me now. Quite possibly the only thing letting this down is the quality of the resistive touch screen. Dragging my fingers across it feels like I'm giving myself carpet burn.

    Although I haven't removed the factory screen protector yet, maybe that would help... Too bad I have to sell it one day.

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