Sydney Joins In Wi-Fi Bus Trials

We've seen a lot of public transport Wi-Fi trials: buses in Adelaide and Launceston, a network-wide project in Queensland, the private ferry to Manly, and railway stations in Sydney and Melbourne. Now a new trial will also add Wi-Fi to one of Sydney's busier bus lines.

Josh Taylor at ZDNet reports that the six-month project, running only on the M10 bus, will allow users to log in for up to two 45 minute sessions a day, with a total download limit of 30MB. No word yet on extensions of the trial to other services (running from Leichardt to Randwick means that the M10 doesn't cover very much of Sydney).

I've enjoyed using Wi-Fi on buses in the past, but on a crowded service a laptop isn't likely to be practical: it's more of a smartphone/tablet option. Given the M10 service a spin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

Sydney Buses trialling free Wi-Fi [ZDNet]


    I can't believe that they haven't put wi-fi on the light rail in Sydney. Seems like such an obvious feature to encourage use.

      "obvious" and "Sydney Transport" don't really go together all that well :P

    I watched the Uncharted 3 trailer on my Ipod Touch using the M10's Wifi, the speed was acceptable and connecting was very easy.

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