Study Finds Younger People Using Email Less

Study Finds Younger People Using Email Less

You may think the world doesn’t lack for emails, but just wait until the younger generation comes up. A Comscore survey found 12-to-17-year-olds spening 48 percent less time on email sites — though Gmail actually gained ground, and mobile email wasn’t included.

Says the New York Times about Comscore‘s findings:

The numbers testify to the trend. The number of total unique visitors in the United States to major e-mail sites like Yahoo and Hotmail is now in steady decline, according to the research company comScore. Such visits peaked in November 2009 and have since slid 6 percent; visits among 12- to 17-year-olds fell around 18 percent. (The only big gainer in the category has been Gmail, up 10 percent from a year ago.)

The chart above shows the wider range of findings, with those over 55 actually spending more time at web-based email sites, and a wide divide between those 17 and under and slightly older young adults. There are some notable question marks in the survey, including the lack of accounting for email through mobile devices like BlackBerry phones, and the perhaps limited scope of looking at just Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail usage. And if younger users are actually adopting Facebook’s messaging system in any number, that muddies the waters when it comes to defining “email”.

Still, the numbers are intriguing. Do you see yourself moving away from email more and more? Will email always be available for you, or could you see another messaging platform replacing it?

E-Mail Use Falls as Young Chat and Text []


  • I actually find myself using e-mail more than I ever have; to me it is the most important form of communication I have with my friends around the world. I’m in the 18-24 age bracket myself, and I can’t inmagine why what 12-17 year old think of e-mail really matters. Sure, they are the “next generation”, but when you enter the business world you’ll become reliant on your e-mail, not to mention once you start full-time work it may be the only way to communicate with friends given your busy life.

    Social networking is, in my opinion, a waste of time. E-mail will always by my communication product of choice.

  • The whole study failed when they didn’t include Facebook, behind SMS it is the main form of communication for me and most of my friends.

    I will use email for the people in the past, work and correspondence with online stores.

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