Store Valuables In The Kitchen To Prevent Theft

Obviously, a safe is the safest place for your valuables when you go on holidays, but if you don't have one around, the safest place to store important items is probably the kitchen, since it's so often skimmed over by criminals.

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Tech and home-centric blog Unplggd recently posted about a reader that stored his laptop in his oven while he was away to deter burglars and eventually ended up having baked MacBook for breakfast. While it's a humorous anecdote (and a good warning — leave a rubber band on the oven knob or something so you know it's in there), it did prompt a bit of research on my part. Turns out the kitchen is one of the most highly recommended places for storing your valuables:

Most people keep their more valuable items in the sitting room and the bedroom, so that's where most burglars start searching. Because thieves know it's risky to spend a lot of time in the house, though, they often bypass rooms they believe won't offer much in the way of valuables.

Unless the burglar happens to notice some extraordinarily expensive-looking cooking equipment, he's likely to skip the kitchen together. The bathroom is another room that's often ignored. Avoid the medicine cabinet, though. Sadly, there are drug addicts who burglarize homes looking not only for cash and items to sell, but for prescription drugs, too. Instead, hide valuables among personal hygiene items and cleaning supplies in the back of the lower cupboards.

If you don't have a safe on hand, this is a pretty clever way to hide stuff out of the way "just in case". Hit the link to read more about hiding your valuables while on vacation, and share your strategies in the comments.

How to Hide Valuables When You Don't Have a Safe [Associated Content]


    So the place to use is NOW not the kitchen.

    Or money in a bag in the Freezer

    I knew someone who put money in books. Put a load of books on a garage sale and I found the one with the $50 stuck in it.

    New Question: Where outside do you hide the spare house key

      somewere where some one dose not want 2 stick there hand would proberly be best, i knew people that hid their keys inside water filled, mossy pots that had water plants on the tope, i thorght i was a better idea then a rock or whatever

      Your neighbours house, so long as you're on good terms with them and trust them. You can even let them have a permanent set just for the front door if you're so inclined. That way should anything ever go wrong when you're not around (holiday or not) they can possibly help out. Worked for me when I was overseas and my house got burgled just before xmas. Neighbours let the cops in and locksmith to change the locks

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