Stash Your Cables Out Of Sight In A Hinged Cable Run

Cables are the bane of a clutter-free workspace. You need them to power your devices and connect peripherals but you want them out of sight. Today's featured workspace sports a hinged compartment for out-of-sight cable stashing.

Similarly to two previously featured workspaces—The Trap Door Desk and The DIY StudioDesk Office—Lifehacker reader Spicajames' desk has a cable concealing slit down the centre. The power strip, power bricks, and accompanying cable clutter for his laptop are all concealed neatly within the desk. Check out the link below to get a closer look at the cable compartment and the rest of his office.

Stash Your Cables Out of Sight in a Hinged Cable Run [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


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