Split.ly Shows Search Results, Sites On Same Page

Sick of switching between a search results page and the sites it links to? Split.ly shows search results and actual sites on the same page.

Enter your search term, choose your search target — Google, Amazon, YouTube or Twitter — and Split.ly will show the results in its left-hand pane. Click on any result and it will appear on the right, taking up most of the screen.

The design is arguably more useful with Google than the other sites (you can normally pick the YouTube or Amazon result you want from a standard search screen, and Twitter already has a multi-pane approach). Split.ly supports Google Instant, so altering your search in the left panel will dynamically change the results.

I can't imagine using Split.ly as my main search, but if you want to quickly go through several results, it's less hassle than clicking back and forth or opening new tabs. Google's preview feature has a similar approach, but only shows you a thumbnail of each site, rather than its current content. (If, like me, you find the previews disorienting when you scroll through results, it's easy to switch them off.) Thanks Chris Z for the tip!



    So this app is about a third of the way there. Next, it needs:
    - delete search results from the left pane
    - rate/reorder/comment on search results
    - keep search results even when you change the query

    Then you start to get towards something useful in comparing products, sites, options in general.

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