Samsung "Reviewing Options" For Nexus S In Australia

The Android Gingerbread-sporting Nexus S from Samsung looks like a nifty phone. Unfortunately, release plans for Australia seem pretty unformed.

Here's the full text of a statement from Samsung about its plans:

Samsung Electronics Australia is excited at the prospect of bringing the Nexus S to Australia. We are currently reviewing our options on how to bring this to market locally and look forward to sharing more details at a later stage.

In practice, that might mean a six-month delay similar to what we saw with the Nexus One, though Google's own withdrawal from phone distribution might speed the carrier negotiation process. Vodafone sold out of its limited Nexus One stock pretty quickly, so hopefully that will convince it or another carrier to sign up.


    Hmm, not much good, I just looked at the specs and just like the HTC Desire HD it won't work on NextG.

    That is, no support for HSPA/WCDMA 850MHz.

    I guess that means it'll likely be Vodafone only.

    Dear Samsung, I already have a carrier, just sell me the phone pls.

      Mobicity are already taking orders in Oz

    Based on the prices for the Galaxy Tab in Australia compared to the USA only an idiot would wait for it the be locally available to buy.

      same could be said for the iphone. Then you'd get a useless phone

    i'd never get a phone made in korea. they break all the time

    Or you could just buy it outright from MobiCity.

    Who cares about the carriers?

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