Refinish Your Cupboards With Chalkboard Paint For Easy Organisation And Note Taking

If you were enamored with the chalkboard refrigerator project we featured last year you'll want to check out this cupboard refinishing project that turns every cupboard door into a chalkboard—perfect for taking notes or quirky labelling.

If you've got gorgeous custom cabinets that look showroom fresh this definitely isn't the hack for you. If you've got older cabinets in severe need of updating and some DIY love, this clever hack turns all that cupboard surface area into a series of chalkboards.

Prime your old cabinet doors, slap on a few coats of chalkboard paint, and you'll be able to write grocery lists, leave notes for housemates, or even label the doors so nobody is ever confused on where the mugs are again.

Green Style: Chalkboard Kitchen Cupboards [Re-Nest]


    I had this done for a kitchen renovation in the 90s. They're a great hit at parties, and we ended up with some decorations that lasted for months or more.

    Personally, I'd skip doing the lower cupboards as they will look dirty very quickly.

    Absolutely hideous.. :(

    The 'ashtrays' are in the top right hand cupboard, eeekkk.

    A triumph of bloody minded GTD mentality over aesthetic sensibility ...

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