RealTube Brings YouTube, Flash Video To Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7: For the moment, Microsoft's latest smartphone platform doesn't support Flash. For $3, though, you can search and view videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Funny or Die and other video sites, in HD when available, with the RealTube app.

RealTube isn't a complete YouTube replacement — and if all you want is YouTube compatibility, you can grab a free Microsoft plug-in that sends links to Google's Flash-free site. RealTube, however, actually converts Flash videos to Silverlight, and gets a lot of praise for its performance. It supports a variety of video portals, and plays in higher-quality HD formats whenever possible.

You can see RealTube in action in this WMExperts demonstration:

RealTube is a $3 purchase for Windows Phone 7 phones only.

RealTube [AppsFuze via Mobiputing]


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