Range Of Australian E-Book Suppliers To Increase In 2011

One of the problems with buying e-books is that it tends to tie you to a particular platform and, in Australia in particular, that often restricts your choice of titles and makes it harder to support independent retailers. Fortunately, it looks like that situation should improve next year.

Charlotte Harper at ebookish reports on a survey by Bookseller & Publisher which found that 40% of those booksellers not currently selling e-books plan to do so in 2011. Only 17% plan to sell no electronic titles at all.

As the report notes, a big problem at the moment is distribution: of the various e-book platforms on offer to Australians, only Kobo appears to have comprehensive coverage of the major publishers. That's also likely to change with the arrival of Google into the market and a broader range of suppliers to buy titles from. In the meantime, you can find some gift ideas for book lovers in our Christmas gift guide.

Ebooks are coming to Australian independents in 2011 [ebookish]


    I just hope Amazon gets more Australian publishers on board. As it is quite off a different publisher has the rights to the book sales in Australia than the US Publisher, and therefore books available in the US and not available here.

    You may hope that amazon gets more Australian publishers on board, but if you had my experience with amazon, you would think otherwise. Barnes and noble supply the full 26 books of the Bolitho series by Alexander kent. But they sell only in the usa they tell me. Amazon, supply approximately half of the 26 series missing assorted numbers from and including book 8, so the life story of a seaman 200 years ago has lord knows how many years missing, if you would attempt to buy from Amazon for reading on a Kindle.So what to do. The same as me, look for another supplier, which is why i am here.

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