Public Transport Options For New Year's Eve 2010

When New Year rolls around, public transport services around the nation ramp up. Here's the options available across Australia in our capital cities. (Once again, Melbourne gets the free option, and Adelaide also joins in this time.)

For each city, hit the link to visit the relevant transport information site. In many cases, bus stops in city areas will be altered to reflect fireworks and other events, so check details carefully.

Sydney: Additional services on offer, with return train tickets for December 31 valid until midday on January 1 and special bus tickets also available.

Melbourne: All services free from 6pm New Year's Eve until first scheduled services on January 1.

Brisbane: Tickets from December 31 valid until 7am on January 1.

Canberra: Running a modified weekday timetable on December 31 and a Sunday timetable on January 1.

Perth: Running to a weekday timetable with additional late night options.

Adelaide: Running to a weekday timetable, with additional services and free travel after midnight.

Darwin: Running to a normal timetable.

Hobart: Running to a normal Friday timetable.


    For Canberra there is also early morning buses from 1 to 5 New Year's Day morning.

    FWIW Adelaide had it free last year too. I was spot sores by the MAC (Motor Accident Commission) and was the same setup: free public transport after midnight, all services (Busses, trains, trams)

    In Melbourne, trains and buses will run to a weekday timetable, and trams will run to a Saturday timetable on the 31st. V/Line services will operate to a weekday timetable, with the exception of the NightLink service to and from Adelaide which will not operate.
    Trams will run a modified timetable from 6pm, with increased frequencies running all night. Routes running along Swanston Street and Flinders Street, and possibly around Bridge Road will be diverted due to road closures.
    Trains will also run all night, with frequencies of up to 10 minutes until around 1:30am, followed by half hourly services until first service 01/01.
    NightRider buses will run all night.
    City buses during the evening, such as route 605 will be diverted due to road closures.

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