Plywood, Ergonomic Arms: Inexpensive Space-Saving Workspace

When your bedroom doubles as your workspace you have to make the most of the space you have. Today's featured workspace sports a simple and inexpensive desk with some handy space saving gadgets.

Today's workspace belongs to David Linke, a German web developer. His office is a combined space that serves double duty as his bedroom and office. His desk is a simple plywood surface, sanded and mounted on adjustable wooden legs. Thanks to the inexpensive desk he could splurge on space saving tools like an adjustable ergonomic monitor arm and laptop stand, as well as a comfy chair.

Check out his workspace in the gallery below.

Plywood and Ergonomic Arms: An Inexpensive Space-Saving Workspace [via Deskography]


    This article is kind of lame yet interesting at the same time :)

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