Pizza Hut Offering Frequent Gorger Rewards For Online Orders

Pizza Hut didn't come off so well in the pizza app wars against Domino's. Its new weapon? Credits via Facebook when you buy online that will eventually score you a free pizza.

The Feed A Friend app works like this: order a pizza via the Pizza Hut site and you get given two "virtual slices": one for you and one which you can share with a friend. When you've collected four virtual slices, you get a free pizza (predictably, pickup rather than delivery).

A free pizza every four pizzas isn't a terrible deal, though having to install a Facebook app which can post to your wall is a bit of a nuisance if you're trying to convince your friends you actually eat healthily sometimes. Pizza Hut has also said it plans to enhance its iPhone app in "the coming weeks" to allow full pizza customisation. Because, you know, you need more cheese and salt.

Pizza Hut


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